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As a member of this group, I would like to share my views on why I hate this character. I would also like to know why YOU hate her as well. Please tell me in such a manner (i.e not JUST one-word insults like "bitch" ,"ugly", "slut", "whore", etc. Please tell me why she is those things - even if it is just preference). Feel free to share your honest opinions and thoughts. :aww:


By: :iconbreakingsasuke:
I hate Sakura Haruno for many reasons. I will begin from saying that this is my analysis from what I think of this character. Facts from the series to support my opinion as to why I think she is a terrible heroine. Not simply because "I'MMA SAKU-HATER AND I HAS NO LIFE!!" :roll:

Let's see. From the beginning, she was clearly useless. She doesn't do hardly anything in her missions and she never had any special talents nor characteristics. She was considered to be the intelligent one with great chakra control, best in her grade - Better than Naruto and Sasuke at that. Yet she hasn't done anything worth being called a Shinobi. She just cut her hair to prove that she wasn't so obsessed in her appearance. I'd say, that was the only thing she ever did that was any good.

She still can't stop calling out Sasuke's name. Her only fight in part one that I can remember is with Ino (Oh, what a BORING fight THAT was). I don't consider her being in the Forest of Death a "fight" really but at least she lasted long enough to keep the Sound Ninjas away from Sasuke, Naruto, and Lee. Gotta give it to her for at least trying to protect them despite the fact that she got beaten like a dog. Her childhood background was bland, uninteresting. Turns out that she broke her friendship with Ino just because she liked the same guy. What a bitch simply because it was SAKURA who ended their friendship. A little ungrateful too seeing that it was Ino who was kind to her and valued friendship. Sakura was lucky enough to be on Sasuke's team and when she was, she thought that she understood Sasuke as she was in his team and saw him as a person. Yeah, she started to see his flaws, stopped idealizing him and saw him as a guy who was more than a pretty face. I still wouldn't call it "love" because, after all, she was a little 13-year-old girl. She was never too understanding in what he was really after and she never knew him all that well as she didn't even KNOW Sasuke was orphaned like Naruto. Before Sasuke left the team...that "Thank you" scene between them wasn't a real SasuSaku interaction moment. (Hell, she thanked Naruto on more than one occasion. That doesn't mean fucking NaruSaku!). When she told Sasuke that she would do anything for him as to even leave the village was probably the most foolish thing she could ever do. She lets her pitiful feelings get in the way that cloud her thinking.

After Sasuke left, she relies too much on Naruto making her even more helpless and too dependent on him. It took over 200 chapters to do anything meaningful. Wow. Sasuke had to leave for Sakura wanting to get better a ninja? This tells me that she was never really interested in being a ninja. Makes me laugh a little about how she survived her team's ordeals. She's encountered Zabuza, Orochimaru, Gaara and other ninja -- but, of course she survives all of this. Why? BECAUSE SHE'S JUST THERE IN THE SIDELINES!!! :slow:

Now brings us to part two. Sakura showed some growth and character development. Thanks to Tsunade, Sakura could actually put up a fight and make herself worthy. From the start of the "Shippuden Sakura" character, I was starting to like her...or rather my hate for her began to dissolve. For her, Sasuke leaving motivated her to get stronger. She was completely different from part one...or so I thought. She made herself more useful - she did everything she could to be more useful and was more determined to bring Sasuke back. Otherwise, she becomes frustrated with herself for being a burden and not being helpful. She should because being incredibly useless is a huge issue with her and the majority of her haters knows this. She showed me that she could do more than just cry all day. In the first season, Sakura showed off some impressive skill with her healing abilities and super strength. Healing Kankuro and fighting against Sasori was something that even Sakura haters couldn't forget. Yet the cool moments just....couldn't last. After the first arc, she was reducing back to her pathetic self. When Team Kakashi confronted Sasuke for the first time, Sakura just stood there while Naruto, Sai, and Yamato did all the work. Yamato ended up having to save her ass because she clearly had no chance. Since then, Sakura does absolutely nothing of importance as the series progressed.

The second encounter with Sasuke proved to be even more foolish than the last. First, Sakura had to bullshit Naruto and professed her "love" to him (which proved to be a lie) just so she could get to Sasuke own her own. The idiot did that only so Naruto could forget his promise to HER. Not realizing that Naruto, too, cares about Sasuke. (It wasn't the lie itself that disgusted me. It's the fact that she felt that she was the only one who cared for Sasuke...) Maybe, she had good intentions behind that lie. But it's still a lie. Not only that, she took advantage of Naruto's admiration for her. Afterward, she had to use her fellow Konoha comrades to get what she wants and gases them so she could be the one to kill Sasuke. Damn, it's all about her now, isn't it? She's probably the most selfish and conceited character on this anime.  LOL. Once she gets to Sasuke, she thought she could lie to him and tells him that she would betray Konoha by being on his side. Shit, what kind of fool do you take Sasuke for, Sakura? Because of her "love", she feels that it is only right to kill Sasuke. However, she hesitates because her pathetic feelings still get in her way. This showed me that, whenever she is around Sasuke, her training doesn't make any difference. She is incapable of fighting Sasuke let alone taking him down and she would have been killed for sure. Someone had to save Sakura's ass AGAIN only this time it was Naruto. In the end of this little ordeal, Sakura proved once again that she is still a burden to her team. That kunai that was suppose to kill Sasuke backfired and turned into some unfunny comic relief. She hinders more than helps. FACT.

My little brother, who is probably a bigger Sakura hater, only recalls her standing around with a kunai like when she was trying to protect Sasuke from Gaara. He knows that, with opponents like Gaara and Sasuke, a fucking kunai knife WILL. NOT. WORK yet she attempted to kill Sasuke with one-- BUT WAIT! IT'S CONTAINS POISON!! But this is SASUKE she was trying to kill - he has been trained under Orochimaru and is immune to such petty ninja tricks. LOL. What pisses me off about Sakura is that, I don't think she can make up her mind about who she truly "loves". I mean, she has shown that she likes both Sasuke and Naruto. There's this one scene where she wonders who shall she "save" first when they will fight each other. I am positive she said something like "If both Naruto and Sasuke are seriously wounded, which one will I save first?"  - What kind of stupid shit is she thinking about anyway?? She's like a mary-sue who can't choose who she wants to be with and a total "whore" with that kind of thinking. From part one and part two, for someone so "intelligent", she has the tendency to STATE THE OBVIOUS. Yeah. She's not as intelligent as I would give her credit for. :P

If anything, she hasn't changed at all. Personality-wise, she's still the same cry-baby she ever was. She still relies on Naruto to make things right yet she tramples on him - She's the typical Tsundere type - bitch yet so quick to cry. I actually am not a fan of Tsundere type characters. They annoy me so that alone is reason enough why Sakura doesn't appeal to me. Plus Tsunderes are cliché, over used. She may have a few Yandere traits too (like when she had to fake a smile for Sai.). Even so, I am willing to acknowledge Sakura's moments that are actually good like when she strikes down Zetsu, realizing that he was a spy. But then again, Whitey-Zetsu isn't much of a front-line fighter. Whatever, it's still something I can remember. Not so much moments, though, to make me like her in general.  :P

I will say this...I probably hate her fanbase more than I hate her. Sakutards. Probably the worst fuckers I have ever seen. Not [only] because they defend their precious favourite character to the extremes...but because they over power her and make her something she is definitely not. They are really fine with modifying her characteristics and abilities as to even give her Chidori or make more powerful than what she is. I think Sakutards love to whore her up with the Akatsuki (and every male character) and STILL call her a "heroine" oh, and make HER (of all people) kick Sasuke's ass?...DREAM ON!... You imbeciles. They change her appearance - huge tits and ass. HAHA - ew. Sakutards are also hypocrites. While some are hateful towards Hinata and NaruHina, they go on about how "idiotic and useless" she was protecting Naruto from Pein - and fully disregard how Sakura was  - Exactly the same when it came to protecting Sasuke from Gaara back in part 1. The point they make is that, knowing that you are weak and have no chance, you should not jump in front of the enemy when you KNOW it's useless - why? Because you are a dumbass - and yet, Sakura was the same and look what happened to her. And finally, Sakutards bash pairings, like SasuKarin and call it "CRACK" but call SasuSaku "TROO LURV"...Bitch please!...

Sakutards is one of MANY reasons I hate Sakura. And their vision of her is not only mary-sueish but really disgusting.

By: :iconthe88cherryice:
I hate her because she broke the feelings of everybody, she is a horrible person

By:  :iconnurl-4:
I hate her because she doesn't consider what others think or feel towards the person she plans on stopping/killing/lying to.

example 1: She freakin thought that Naruto was trying to save Sasuke because he made a promise with her, and tried to stop him by lying that she 'loved' him. How freakin dumb can she get? Naruto's
stated that Sasuke is his "best friend" and that's why he'll take drastic measures to save him from the darkness.

example 2: When Sakura was healing Hinata, and Neji (I think) asked why Hinata would do such a thing? Sakura then stated in her mind.... "Because she loves Naruto." <----(idk the exact thing she said but its something similar.) So it was obvious she knew that Hinata loved Naruto, and when she tried to lie to Naruto that she loved him and to forget there promise...I was freakin enraged, how fuckin dumb, cruel and inconsiderate can she get?! They must of mistaken her for the dumbest girl in class

By: :iconkaijuking54:
I hate her because shes utterly useless, (pardon language) a spoiled bitch, a loudmouth who never shuts the fuck up, and she just wont die no matter what spot you hit her in.

By: :iconmireka-chan96:
Well how should I put this..she's a total stupid,bit&*# weirdo who only know is relying and begging on Naruto..I mean after all these years,she's still with that stupid crush of hers like PLEASE..can't she see that Sasuke dosn't EVEN like her!!and I can see that Naruto has overcome her obsession for Suckura and that's a relief..but the most part I don't like is...SAKURA'S FAKE heck..did she even thing that Naruto will fall for that kind of confession..Naruto is not STUPID and he dramatically matured after all the three years training with Jiraiya sensei just to bring Sasucakes back(sorry it's just a nickname I give for Sasuke)...and I still hate her eventhough there's a ton of Naruto fans out there is defensing her saying that she's stronger and a lot mature..:iconvoodooplz: it's not like she's the one who really killed my was chiyo baa sama who deserve all the credits...stupid slut!!Why can't she just die!!!!!!!!:iconvoodooplz: Bring back my Sasori!!!!!!

By: :iconwerewolfninja96:
i hate sakura because shes a useless chacter
in the begging of naruto she did nothing but cried for sasuke if he got hurt
and in shippuden she was just as useless
when she was fighting sasori chiyo did all the work
and nows she back to being a useless bitch

By: :iconkiku-dusk-666:
There's just nothing to not hate about her. In the beginning shes almost always mean to Natruo, she whines alot, shes not very pretty, she thinks shes all that, she stopped being Ino's friend over a guy, she tells Naruto she lives him in Naruto Shippuden AFTER Hinata confesses her feelings shes had for him ever since she ever saw him and nearly died trying to protect him, and if I write everything down it would take forever but those are just a few of the reasons I hate her.

By: :iconjgresidenevil:
I hate her ause she knew Hinata loves Naruto and then gives him a fake confession. SCREW NARUSAKU!!!

By: :iconxninjachick:
She was never a good ninja she was such a failure before tsunade trained her but even then she couldnt even kill sasuke!! She lied to naruto so she could try an fight sasuke i mean come on -_- poorest female in the show.

By: :iconteamshikaino:
I hate Sakura Haruno because she is a horrible person. Ino helped Sakura through out their childhood and Sakura ends their friendship over a GUY! After everything Ino did for her she ended their friendship over that. Futhermore, she is always too agressive with EVERYONE. Naruto gets the bulk of it but Sai gets beat to a pulp a lot too.

I also hate her because she KNEW Hinata loved Naruto and then she goes to Naruto and FAKE confesses her love to him. As if Naruto and Hinata haven't been through enough. Even Naruto knew that flippin' witch was lying.

Not to mention she gets all the flippin' credit for killing Sasori when Chiyo did ALL the work. I don't get how someone as useless as her gets all the credit.

That's why I hate Sakura.

By: :iconbloodsttar:
She's a terrible character with a terrible personality.

She's a bitch, she's nasty, and stuck up and throws her weight around.
She's Shallow.
She's Selfish.
She leaches off of Naruto.
She's Useless
She's does nothing for the plot.
She's cries ALL the time even when Naruto is trying so hard to make her happy.
She expects people to pity her when she cries.
She swears she in love with Sasuke but is make Naruto do all the work to save him.
She is a burden to her team.
She's has to get rescued by someone every arc.
Her decisions make no damn sense.
She's bullies Naruto and Sai. (I don't care if she a Tsundere).
She does not carry her own weight.
She's Fickle.
She's a TERRIBLE excuse for a ninja.
Her "Fickle as autumn skies" quote just proves she is garbage.
She quit her relationship with Ino just so she can chase after Sasuke.
Her confession is Naruto was offensive as Hell.
Her confession to Sasuke was offensive as Hell.
Her character makes no damn sense.

She get a ton of hyper yet has backed it up.

By: :iconakiraxangel:
I hate her cuz she's broken with Ino since Ino know before that Suck-ura love Sasuke but she didn't do\say something for her , and she hit Naruto for stupid reasons she can't stop and feel about the poor Naruto , and she know that Hinata really love Naruto but she didn't respected her and she want to be close with Naruto , and when she become angry she looks stupid and ugly , she can't be a good person , anything she do it hurt everyone , she have hurt "Sasuke , Naruto(she always hurt him) , Ino " and many D8 I stop watching Naruto cuz of her!!!! I really hate her and I will never love her!!!!!!!!!!!

By: :iconnaru4hinata:
I hate Sakura because she is just using Naruto only to get Sasuke back she really dosen't care about Naruto at all she gets angry over the littlest things and hits naruto for no reason even when naruto trys to give her a complement at all she gets pissed of and hits him shes not really a good ninja shes a bitch and a whore right now she is whoreing around with naruto saying that she loves him and all that shit shes a lying and shes lying to herself she still obssed with sasuke she knows she get get naruto to do anything for her hes even trying to bring back sasuke for her whats she going to do if sasuke actually comes back? more than likely she is going to hit on saskuke again and throw naruto out of the picture :( sad truth

shes just a terriable person

By: :iconrawninjaberry:
I hate Sakura because she doesn't even consider anybody's feelings without entering into total-bitch mode. She broke her friendship with the person who made her who she is today (also my favorite character) just for some guy who tried to murder her two times, but she STILL believes that he can change and that he'll come to love her in the end. She uses her friends to get what she wants and is totally forgiven for it. And the worst line I've ever heard from her that made me want to punch the shit out of her was: " If both Sasuke and Naruto are critically injured, who will I save first?" AS IF THAT'S A FUCKING DECISION YOU HAVE TO THINK EVEN ONCE ABOUT. Ugh. She's so annoying it pisses me off SO hard.

By: :iconunknow-chan:
I don´t like Sakura because she isn´t a pretty girl (It is clear in the manga) but Naruto, Lee and each minor male character who appears falls in love for her. In addition, she became a doctor with only two years of training. Again, this makes no sense.

Another one fact that annoys me a lot is that she only decided to train with Tsunade just to bring Sasuke back, it was never her dream to become a shinobi doctor. Worse than that, the impression we have is that she decided to become a doctor just to get away from the battles.

Oddly, when Kishimoto said Hinata would be a better heroine, I felt sorry for Sakura. If Kishimoto, who created Sakura, doesn´t like her... Well, she could only be a poor character in personality, participations... Everything.

By: :icondeiino4ever2:
I hate her because she broke her friendship with Ino, who pretty much was the only one who helped her when they where young against bullies who made fun of her big forehead. Ino stood up for her and helped her with self-confidence. Yet she ends their friendship over a guy, who she has absolutely no chance with. I don't understand why anyone would do that.
Also, she is such a liar she tells Naruto she "loves" him and c'mon even Naruto himself knows she was lying. Another one of her acts of stupidity is when she leaves alone to attemp to kill Sasuke :facepalm: But of course she fails and has to once again be saved. She is a complete burden to her team.
I hate how she is always punching Naruto for no aparent reason. (and Sai) She has some serious anger issues. I don't see hoe Naruto likes her. All she does is toy around with his feelings.
She pretty much only trained with Tsunade so she could bring back Sasuke and then he would realize that he loves her and they would both fall deeply in love with each other (not happening). Which shows that she didn't even have interest in becoming a shinobi in the first place. :shrug:
She also took all the credit away from Chiyo in the fight against Sasori... I'm pretty damn sure Chiyo did most of the work.
I will admit she improved streinght wise but her personality is so unlikeable, she's just so mean to everyone andit really doesn't seem like she even considers others feelings at all.

By: :iconilove2swim34:
Why I hate Sakura? She fights over sasuke. it sasuke this sasuke that. what about naruto. theres no SASUKE IN TEAM (even now he sexy). Plus I thinks she a slut because of this saying before sasuke left the village she said "I… I love you with all my heart!… If you were to stay here with me, there would be no regrets… because every day we'd do something fun, we'd be happy I swear!… I would do anything for you! so… Please just stay with me!" -sakura(slut)

Does that sound like a slut? A: yes!!!

Then she lies to Naruto about loving him after the kage summit. That is my reason of hating her. and she a fangirl.

By: :iconpdgzandrdbzluver:
That all just sums up my hate her for. I hate her because she GAVE away her FRIENDSHIP for a guy who CLEARLY hated her!!

By: :iconnaruhinabrazil:
I hate Sakura for these reasons
crying with her ​​and she has great strength has become a useless crybaby
she and annoying with their stupidity only further exacerbates the problems
she ugly and horrible color combinations green with pink does not match anything
she can not control their own feelings and try to just crying fit
she has no breasts seems more a man than a woman
besides she is a stupid and false

I like NaruHina
I am against SasuSaku and NaruSaku and any couple who makes the Vidia's sakura

By: :iconcapricornicis:
Pre-time skip: she broke her friendship with Ino over guy, declaring that they were rivals. First off the is not normal behavor for any little girl. Ino was shocked when she found out, but clearly she could care less, because she didn't pull Sakura aside and tell her that. Two, her treatment towards Naruto was annoying. Not the random hitting thing, but the whole "Sasuke is better than you! if you didn't obsesses over him than you actually be better! Why don't you train like Sasuke". it was her fucking treatment of Sasuke that pissed me off! She played more into his ego and his drive to be the best in the most unhealthiest manner than any of his fangirls. If his want to kill Itachi in the beginning wasn't that huge factor for his ego. Him having a cheering section while he out did Naruto was a enough and she gave that to him. And of course focusing Sasuke while telling Naruto not to do the same thing was hypocritical at best, but she brought the team down. Sasuke and Naruto did everthing while she stood there with dumbass look on her face screaming Sasuke and crying.

After time-skip: I hate her more. A lot of people like her here and get the idea she is now mature, useful and powerful, but she is not. She can punch hard and heal. So we have another Tsunade. Do we really need another. I mane she was established as someone who can control chakra. Why is she a tank and can heal? Why doesn't she use that brain of her's and study and learn hand signs and justu. Naruto studied wih fucking frogs dammnit! he super smart Sakura can learn justu!

The worse of it all is it she is the same she was when she was a 12 year old. She cares more about boys than training, cares more about petty shit than her friends' feelings, she cries more, and the only time I liked her was she tried to kill Sasuke but failed, because I likeds the build up. Ninjas lie to get what they want, even if they are good.

By: :iconmmariko-chan:
Why I hate Sakura? Well...
:bulletblack: She's so annoying
:bulletblue: She lies to Naruto about loving him (she knew Hinata loves Naruto... )
:bulletgreen: She's selfish and useless
:bulletpink: She always hurt Naruto
:bulletpurple:She is just a horrible person!

Die! :iconvoodooplz:

By: :iconunknowndarkness92:
I hate Sakura because she's just too much of a crybaby who never even treats people that are unfortunate like Naruto and she's hurting Naruto and she mentally did that by lying to him that she loved him and I just hate that whore and i hope she gets tortured to death

By: :icondarkness-angel-13:
I hate sakura 'couse she hurts everyone that loves her and think there nothing but dirt!, like lee, he loves//loved her and what does she do? and also naruto, he has loved her since a long time, and she hits him and tells him his annoying, well guess what sasuke thinks of you sakub*tch! and then she fights her first and best friend and the only one that thought she was pretty the way she was, but noooo~ LEAVE HER FOR SOME BOY THAT DOESN'T LOVE YOU!!!! and when she tries to be "useful", how much times has she almost killed someone trying to not be useless?? I lost count! then she says to sasuke naruto is an idiot becouse he doesn't have a dad or a mom to tell him what's wrong and right... GIRL! SASUKE DOESN'T HAVE THEM NEITHER! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF HALF OF THE TOWN HATES YOU WHIT NO REASON AND YOU HAD NEVER FELT FAMILY LOVE! OR THAT ONE DAY YOUR OWN BROTHER OR SISTER KILLS ALL YOUR FAMILY?! WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?!?!?!?!?! and then when naruto is about to risk his life to save sasuke, who got you unconsious in a park, what do you do? CRY AND ASK HIM TO BRING THE ONE THAT ONE DAY WILL KILL YOU!!! BRILLIANT IDEA SHERLOCK!!!! I could go on and on and on and on and on but I'll summarize this in one sentence:

By: :iconalicorvus:
She's annoying, useless, Mary Sue, UGLY, ungrateful, she depends in other people, she can't do anything by herself, she's a liar, a temperament person, she hurts everybody with no reason, she thinks she's beautiful and mature but is all opposite... Want more reasons??!! :)

By: :iconxxhisakohyuugaxx:
I hate her because she claims to become a stronger shinobi, she blossoms every 1 or 2 season yet she still does shit all.
When she confronted Sasuke she was clearly out of her league, she knew this yet she still continued to put herself and everybody else in danger. (Naruto had to come between them, he got hit with the poisened kunai)
She's useless, crybaby, inconsiderate and selfish.

By: :iconayanmoonlight:
Don't forget that she abandoned her teammates in the land of iron and those who abandon their friends and comrades are worse than scum, she even put them at risk.

By: :iconsakura9283:
I used to LOVE Sakura, but there was only so much of her whining I could take. Then again, it's not really Sakura's fault it's the writers, but that's besides the point. I hate that during the Pain invasion, she just sits there and yells out "NARUTO!" the whole time, it's like "Bitch get off your ass and help!" But that's not the only thing that annoyed me during the invasion, a building collapsed right in front of her and it landed on a bunch of children and women, and what does Sakura do? Stares at them and then runs off! Girl what the fuck?! You're a medic! Help them for god sakes. While the rest of her peers were fighting some of Pain's clones and what-not, she was on her ass looking around like a scared puppy. Even the chick on Konohamaru's team saved someone and did more than her.

She does not deserve to be called "The second Tsunade." She brings a bad reputation to Tsunade. We always see Naruto training in the show, but do we ever see Sakura? No. Even though Tsunade is busy being the Hokage, she could still train on her own or ask Anko or one of the other females to train her. I will add more later. ^^

By: :iconayanmoonlight:
To put it simply, she's just a horrible person. From the beginning I knew she was just a bad person. When she was being picked on she just sat there and cried while Kushina fought back (why people have the nerve to compare these two is beyond me because they are nothing alike). On the other hand FAILkura had the nerve to break up her friendship with Ino just because they liked the same person who didn't even like her back, Ino the one person who defended her and did a lot for her(Ino didn't even care that they liked the same guy). I believe that she became a ninja solely because of Sasuke and the fact that everyone else was doing it (follower not a true leader). FAILkura is a sorry excuse for a ninja and a woman, not having motivation other than Sasuke to become a better ninja, mean to a lot of people she doesn't view highly, and a TERRIBLE!!! friend. She called Naruto an idiot for being an orphan while she didn't even understand what it felt like and the fact that Sasuke himself was an orphan as well. It takes Sasuke scolding her to see the error of her ways which I don't think she would've realized on her own.

FAILkura is a burden on her team and to everyone around her. She has to be saved most of the time in many situations. I feel so bad for Naruto who has been nice to her and tries to make her happy (which she doesn't even deserve) and all he gets in return are hits, taunts, belittlement, as well as a nasty attitude. She thinks she's all that when in reality she's had it easy compared to most of the others who work harder than her and to be honest I don't think she's gotten stronger mentally at all. Just by seeing or saying the name Sasuke, she instantly freezes up and doesn't know what to do ( It can put her teammates at risk while on missions). Obito's words still ring a bell to me every time I see her "those who don't follow the rules are scum but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum" and she became worse than scum when she abandoned her teammates in the land of iron to deal with Sasuke herself (who knows what would've happened to them if Kakashi didn't find them).

FAILkura is weak and selfish, to lie to Naruto's face about loving him and then to try and kill Sasuke while knowing it would hurt Naruto just because you think he has sunk too low ( Newsflash IDIOT!! you’re not the only one that cares about Sasuke). Failkura is also a sorry excuse for a woman, willing to betray Konoha just to be with your so called "love" while she doesn't even understand what real love is because she's so shallow and stupid. Giving in and worshiping Sasuke as a god while belittling Naruto who is just as strong, I'm pissed the hell OFF!!! I can just go on and on. I think team 7 would be a better team without her and with someone else there. I'm glad Naruto is starting to realize what she truly is on the inside and that is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life (I’m talking about her soul).

Overall Sakura is weak, selfish, nasty, a burden to her team, a sad excuse for a woman and just downright pitiful. Having no regard for Lee's feelings to her when she confessed to Naruto, having no regard for her actions to those around her and only motivation for being a ninja is solely for a "crush" PA- THE-TIC!!! She should be cut from team 7 and replaced with someone stronger inside and out (and who would do anything for Naruto because he deserves so much more as well as love). I do really find it sad that the plot really wouldn't change with her gone. Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, Kakashi, and even Lee deserve so much more and I think they are going to get it. For so much shit Naruto has been through, he along with Lee, Kakashi and Sai will soon live well with women that love them for who they are. They will be with women who are beautiful on the inside and out, women who are kind strong and brave (Lord knows that’s not Sakura).

By: :iconsasoxdei4evas:
I hate her for many reason, though I'm just going to list the main ones. First off, she did know that Hinata loves Naruto, even though I dont support NaruHina, it's still wrong on her part. She chased after Sasuke, and treated Naruto like shit. And after Sasuke had left she's all for Naruto. And another one of my mai reasons is that she killed Sasori. Now there is people who argue that Chiyo actually killed him but, I love Chiyo-baa to much to think that. Therefore, in my head, Sakura did kill Sasori, my favorite chara, so now I hate her.

By: :iconsasuketwo2:
Why I hate Sakura is because She hurts Naruto just to get back with some .... douche. I was like " BITCH, DO YOU SEE HOW HE IS TO KARIN ? I DOUBT HE'S GONNA TREAT YOU ANY BETTER." Plus, She thinks just be cause she could make the ground crumple that shes a " Good " Ninja.... Lord have mercy, I hope she gets killed, At least Ino learned her lesson ( I hope she goes out with Sai <33 ). Sakura is just a deadweight that no one wants. Oh and by the way, If you keep punching Naruto IN THE FACE, Likelier chance is he's gonna hit back once he's fed up with it. Karin is somewhat better than Sakura since she can heal MUCH faster than Sakura. :T Now I can say that she's disgusting as well because Naruto even called her ugly( When he was still waking up, Sadly ), Sai called her ugly ( All guys with taste called her ugly, people ). Oh and bitch quit trying to spread your legs for any guy you like, Its horrible enough we have to see your face, We don't wanna see your blue waffle. Now thats said and done ~u~ I feel much better expressing my feelings about this GOD AWFUL Character.

By: :icontobi947:
Pues, la odio porque es un personaje que no ha echo mucho en la serie, terminó su amistad con Ino por un chico!! O_o
Además,es muy enojona, no la soporto ¬¬
Y se enoja por todo, todo lo resuelve con golpes ¬¬
Además, Sasori me agradaba TT^TT
Además, devería decir lo que piensa, no dejarselo para ella. (Estoy hablando, claro, de la Sakura interna.)
...Esas son unascuantas razones por las que no me agrada Sakura.

By: :iconpurple-rose-ninja:
I at first hated her in part one because I didn't like her bratty bitchiness. I think she was unreasonably mean towards Naruto and horribly fake and desperate around Sasuke. And this has nothing to do with shipping, but she reminds me of the petty girls I've known who could go from so sweet and darling to absolute fire breathing dragon the next, depending on who they decided was worth their time.

I somewhat liked her in the second part, though I though any of the other kunoichi deserved that training. Yet perhaps Kishimoto used her training with Tsunade to help her grow up. But I think she is still too focused on herself. She's not so unreasonable anymore, but she doesn't consider others when doing her own things.

I think she is very immature and self-centered. That's why I hate her.

By: :iconotakaraaminelli:
My reasons to hate? Well...she's SOOOO useless. In part one she barely does anything to help, the only thing she does is scream "Sasuke-kun!" or "Naruto!" I mean GET OFF YOUR ASS AND HELP, BITCH! YOU'RE "SUPPOSED" TO BE A BETTER NINJA THAN NARUTO???
And she friggin' broke a REAL friendship with Ino, who didn't just become her friend out of the blue. She got bullied because of her big forehead (which I actually hadn't noticed 'til I saw their past o_O) and Ino helped her get confidence. And then she broke it for a fucking GUY that doesn't even love her back! HOW STUPID CAN A BITCH LIKE HER BE???
She hits Naruto for nothing seriously, and Naruto freaking saved her life a bunch of times in part one (Sasuke as well), like when they fought Zabuza, Orochimaru and Gaara. And did she thank him/them??? I don't remember she did then!
She's a HUGE burden who can't even defend herself, what a weakling!!
And the worst: She's a crybaby. She cries to Naruto "BRING SASUKE-KUN BACK! BRING SASUKE-KUN BACK! SASUKE-KUN, SASUKE-KUN, SASUKE-KUN!!!" I'm surprised Naruto can stand her whiny attitude. I would have punched her hard if I were him. I mean, instead of chasing Sasuke, CAN'T SHE JUST FIND SOMEONE BETTER?! SHE FUCKING HAS NARUTO AND LEE, THAT ARE EVEN GREATER GUYS THAN SASUKE, AND THEY LOVE HER! WHY IS SHE SO BLIND?!

In part two she didn't actually kill Sasori. Chiyo-baasama did all the work. She controlled Sakura with a jutsu so she could kill Sasori. And then Sakura gets all the credit?! DAFUQ?!

And to not mention her "confession" to Naruto. :iconfacepalmplz: :icondoublefacepalmplz: (I haven't actually seen that yet, but I know it, so whateva) She KNEW Hinata loved her, and therefore she gives a false confession to him?! She friggin' toys around with our idol! But luckily, Naruto-kun knew that she was lying, thank godness! She isn't as smart as she thinks, does she? Of tricking Naruto like that? PATHETIC.

I can say a lot of things I haven't mentioned here.

By: :iconsamantha-deathwish:
The first time I watched the series, my feelings toward Sakura was neutral. Then I saw her hurting Naruto. I mean real physical hurting. Not just gestures of, "Oh Naruto, you fool. C'mon, let's get serious". She's hurting him for no good reason at all.

And then I saw her obsessive fangirlness towards Sasuke. What I hate the most is OBSESSIVE FANGIRLNESS. I admit, Ino and Karin has a hint of fangirlness, but they don't scream "SASUKE-KUN! SASUKE-KUN!" a million times as the story progresses.

Then she broke her friendship with Ino over Sasuke. And they call Ino a slut! IT'S SUCKURA WHOREUNO, SAKURATARDS! -clears throat- Anyway, what she did is fucking hurtful. Ino showed true concern for her, shaped her ass up so she wouldn't get bullied by the other kids, and treated her like a sister. And after all she did, Sakura just proved to be a bitch by hurting her feelings. She could have said that "I know we both like Sasuke, but I won't let a mere crush for a boy ruin our friendship.," but no. She acted like an awful whore.

And the Karin haters, please. Sakura is more of a bitch than Karin. Karin only hits Suigetsu when he's playfully picking on her, but Sakura hits Naruto EVEN IF HE DOES NOTHING MEAN OR SILLY TO HER. Proof? WATCH THE ANIME TILL YOUR EYES BLEED.

Though Sakura sure has skills when it comes to being a medical-nin or Healer, SHE SHOULD NOT BE COMPARED TO TSUNADE! Sure, she and Jiraiya are similar to Naruto and Sakura, but it still doesn't count. I never saw Tsunade punch or hurt Jiraiya like Sakura did to Naruto. yes, Tsunade did hit Jiraiya several time in the anime, just like when he peeped at her in the Hot Springs, but this is because of a valid reason. What girl in her right mind will let an old perv see her body? Duh. :XD:

In the end, I conclude that Sakura is just a filler made to be the female lead(WHY CAN'T IT BE HINATA????!". She's a horrible, horrible person and people can't stand her because of her bitchiness(bad bitchiness, not the hot bitchiness."


By: :iconmegaanimefreak7:
Why do I hate Sakura Haruno?

I could say so much here but I'll just tell you the basics.

:bulletpink: First off, her attitude. I don't think she acts like a tsundere, because to me, tsundere's are cute. Sakura acts more like a yandere type character (pretending to be all sweet then turning around and hurting the people she says she cares about). Sakura fans say that they like her because she is strong willed and kind, but they should really re-watch the series. It proves that she is nothing like that. She's a bitch. That's all there is to it. If she doesn't get her way, she either smacks them or cries. She's a spoiled brat/ princess. She expects everyone to bow to her will and do everything for her. It's annoying. No one favors a spoiled princess.

:bulletpurple: Second, how she treats Naruto Uzumaki. Poor boy. He has done nothing but professed his love to her but all he gets in return is a smack across the face, a slap in the back of the head, a kick to the crotch, etc. NaruSaku fans, can you really love an abusive character? I admit that sometimes abusive behaviour makes a relationship work. An example of that would be USUK :iconukkissplz::iconuskiss2plz: or Spamano from Hetalia, :iconspamanoplz:, but that type of abuse is playful. England :iconenglandplz: and Romano :iconsexyromanoplz: are both tsundere characters, meaning that even though they hit their partners, they only do it to show that they love them.
Sakura does it because she LIKES TO HIT NARUTO!!
Exactly what had he done to deserve that kind of abuse?! Sakura fans can not tell me that she hits him because of something he did to her in her past because the anime shows nothing of their meeting in the past. Besides, if he had done something, it would have been telling her that he loved her (yet again).

:bulletpink: Which brings me to my next point. Third, ending her friendship with Ino. :no: Why would you do that. Have you never heard of "bros before hos"? That means "friendship" before "relationship" Sakura. A relationship doesn't last long (unless the person truly loves you). Ino was a great friend. She supported you, took care of you, protected you from all of the bullies that made fun of you because of your forehead (which is :icontoodamnhighplz:) and was truly the ONLY girl friend you've ever had.
How did you repay her?
By dumping her ass when you found out that she liked the same boy as you.
He. Was. ONE. BOY!! He doesn't even like you! He loved Naruto more than he loved you. He loved Gaara more than he loved you. He loved Hinata more than he loved you. He loved Kakashi more than he loved you. I could just keeping going with this but I think my point here has been made.
I understand that you have a crush on Sasuke. I've had my fair share of crushes. But using other people and tricking them in order to get closer to your crush is NOT the way to win his heart. How many people have to tell you that he doesn't love you in order for it to sink into your thick, pink covered head? Honestly. I don't think I've ever had so much hate for one character.

:bulletpurple: Four, her crying fits. My GOD! I swear to fucking Christ she's cried in every arc I've ever seen her in. And you know what's even worse? She does not cry for Naruto. Nope. Naruto gets hurt during the team mission. Not a tear. Sasuke gets angry at her for making fun of Naruto. Fucking buckets. Naruto turns into the freaking nine tails. Nothing. Sasuke decides to leave Konoha. OHMYGODNOSASUKE!!!! :iconcryforeverplz: Seriously?

:bulletpink: Five, battles. Sakura. You know you're supposed to fight during them right? You're not a fucking billboard!! Quit acting like a damn cheerleader on the sidelines. :icononioncheerplz: You were put into Team 7 for a reason. You can't have all the boys on your team do the fighting for you!! I swear, Bella from Twilight makes a better Sakura than Sakura. And that's saying something considering that she doesn't fucking do anything. The only battle she's ever had was with Ino (and what a battle that was. :iconeyerollplz:). Guess who I voted for?

:bulletpink: Six, her lovelife.
I'm not even going to mention her love for Sasuke. I'm just going to mention who loves her (or, used too. :iconimhappyplz:).
Naruto. Uzumaki.
She is so fucking dense (Yet another one of her amazing traits.
Sai. SAI! The new addition to their group. The new member. Someone that just recently met them! The one with NO EMOTIONS! Sai figured out that Naruto loved Sakura. Then, when he told Sakura, she was like, ":iconwhutplz:?"
Sakura... you're fucking kidding me. :iconfacepalmplz:
Since the series began Naruto has professed his love to you. He was the perfect friend to you. He was making you feel special. He was complementing you EVERY DAY! And how did you repay him? By asking him to track down your crush so that you would have the chance to make him fall in love with you. Do you realize how much that must've hurt him? All of those years telling you how much he wanted you, wasted. I cried for Naruto that episode. It hurt me how much of a bitch you were to him.

:bulletpurple: Seven, the confession. You just had to have it all, didn't you? You couldn't stand the fact that Hinata was in love with Naruto. You had to have him too. And you made sure that you did it after Hinata had FINALLY told him that she loved him. Way to confuse a guy. Seriously. She is such a self-centered, conceited bitch that I can't even begin to describe my deep hatred for her. I applaud Masashi though, because if he hadn't made Sakura, then fans would have no one to hate, there wouldn't be any romantic drama, and the series would be dull. Great job. :icongreatjobplz:

Anyhow, those are only some of the reasons why I hate Sakura Haruno. Or should I say Suckura Whoreuno.
:iconsakuraharunoplz::iconsaysplz:I'm fucking perfect.

By: :iconthe-legend-of-ember:
Okay here goes. This is why I hate Sakura. And sorry, I'm not a member yet, but I was hoping I could list my reasons too. I plan on joining =)

1. She's a conceited bitch.
She thinks she's SOOOOOOO perfect. She never actually notices how many things are wrong with her. When she's not being a total bitch, she's sitting on the sidelines f*****g crying.

2. She lies. A lot. And she's not even good at it.
I'm not even going to START on her "confession" to Naruto. And in the forest of death, after Lee, Naruto, and Sasuke were done being awesome and kicking ass, she said she was going to change to be like them. Did she actually change? F**k no. And after Sasuke told her she was annoying and it crushed her. She said she was going to be nicer to Naruto. Was she? F**k no. There are tons of other examples too if you just listen to her talk.

3. Her Sasuke mega-obession.
One of the things that REALLY pissed me off: in one of the recent episodes, she thought about the war, and she asked her self "If Naruto and Sasuke are both hurt, who do I save?" IS SHE F*****G KIDDING?!?!?! DOES SHE REALLY NEED TO ASK HERSELF THAT? I literally had to pause the video on my computer to go throw myself down on my bed and throw a tantrum over her stupidity. And over the entire fist half of the serious, 2/3 of the noise that came out when she opened her fat ugly mouth was "OMG!!!! SASUKE-KUN!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I WANT YOUR BABIES!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! PLEASE LOVE ME!!!! PLEASE F**K ME!!!! I WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!" It f*****g made me sick.

4. Her Naruto abuse.
It would have been understand-able if she had had a valid reason everytime. If Naruto had actually been being a jerk and he deserved to be hit. BUT THAT NEVER F*****G HAPPENED. Naruto was nothing but kind, and loving, and nice, and a good friend, ALL OF WHICH I MIGHT ADD, she never was, and she never derserved. And if I wanted, I could go one with this forever, but I won't.

5. She's shallower (is that a word? I think it is, I hope I'm not being stupid) than a puddle in the middle of a desert.
Oh, so many examples. She dropped her friend ship with Ino for a boy who HATED her. Ino, who picked her up, dusted her, and told her to be herself and not care what anyone else thought. Ino, her best friend, her ONLY friend and she dumped her for a guy. A guy who never even looked at her before he was forced to. SasuSaku my ass. The only reason he ever grabbed her and pulled her on missions was for the sake of the mission. He never cared about her, and I can't blame him. She was always changing herself for him, she only cared about surface. She never even actually loved him for him, she just cared that he was an Uchiha.

6. Her total disregard for anyone's feelings but her own/selfishness.
I don't even need to explain this. She never cared about Naruto or Lee, even though they loved her admantly, and she had a total disregard for Sasuke's feelings when it came to the fact that he did not like her. He loathed her, he hated her, she didn't care,in fact I bet she would have had a better chance with him if she wasn't such a fangirl. And the way Naruto loved her so much, but all she went to him for was to make him promise to bring her the guy she loved, who also HAPPENED to be his rival in everything. That is the most prime example of selfish disregard I have ever seen, and I'm not only talking about the Naruto series.

7. Her crying fits.
She has cried more than any other character in the series, and for the worst reasons too. I'm not going to elaborate on that because I already know that I don't have to.

I hope that Sasuke and Naruto team up to kill her and then have a picinic on her grave.

Well, thats my list =) hope you liked it, thanks for reading.

And I forgot to mention how bipolar she is! One second she's going to kill Sasuke, the next she still loves him! And one second she thinks Naruto s amazing and the next she totally abusing him for no reason! But, yeah. :D


By: :icondeidarabombartist123:
I hate her and I have a lot of reasons to go with it. But these are main reasons:
She is freaking hideous.
She is freaking useless.
She says, "I'll handle it!" and ends up calling for help.
She killed Sasori.
She is the pink baboon of the series.
And she never stops thinking of Sasuke. Naruto is there to help her but she always thinks of Sasuke!!!
Damn her!

Okay,Here it goes!

Number 1:
Her Childhood!

Okay Why,Why in the name of the TARDIS,Does she think her forehead is a problem???
SasUKE Had all of his family killed and He Lost his Brother!
Naruto was Hated by all of the Villagers!

Compared to that,A forehead isn't that bad!

And,She is so Retarded for ending her friendship Ino,OVER A GUY!!!!

Number 2:

Team 7 Days!

Naruto Complemented her EVERY DAY, While all Sasuke says is 'Hn.'
And She acts so B***** to EVERYONE!
And when Trouble Comes Around all she does is hold a Kunai,And Cry.
And all She did when she cut her hair,Was show that....YOU CAN CUT YOUR HAIR IN AN EMERGENCY!!!!:iconyaayplz:

And Why does Lee like her?
Lee could do so much better.

And she's a Slut.
I mean,What IF Sasuke did stay,And he made Sakura do whatever Wanted?
That's why I say " I'll Do Almost anything!"

Number 3:

How did she Welcome Naruto Back?
How is that NOT B******?
And Not a very proper Greeting.

And Why was she Punching him?
For Going to train to Bring 'Her' SasUKE back.
I dunno,I'm tired.

And WANNA Know what else?!?!
She doesn't even have super strengh like Tsunade.
It's Just Chakra.
SUCK-era,You are a Disgrace to Tsunade.
If I stole all her Chakra,And I had a Kunai or a Sword,I could Beat her.:XD:

And her RETARDED 'confession' to Naruto.

Right After Hinata's Amazing,Beautiful Confession.
I mean it.
I cried so hard when I saw Hinata's.
And My friends Tell me I have Emotions of Steel.

But Sakura's?
When I first Heard about it,I watched the Scene on Youtube,And Honestly,I thought it was a Joke.

When found out it was real,I got PISSED.
Like,Didn't Neji tell her that Hinata loved Naruto when she was healing her?
Did it pop into your head Sakura,To steal some of Hinata's Thunder?

I hate her because..

1. Annoying sound when she calls Sasuke
2. Can't stop talking about "SASUKE"
3. She killed Sasori !!
4. Protect Sasuke with a Kunai? the hec* ?!
5. Doesn't use her brain

And Finally ...
She broke up her friendship with Yamanaka-san just because they are FIGHTING OVER A guy she likes ?! Oh come on Sakura !! WHY WON'T YOU SHARE WITH HER ?! IS IT BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST FREAKING STUPID ?

I feel bad for Kishimoto-sensei ..

By: :iconhinata-miyako:
I hate her because she's always calling stupid things to Naruto! She always thought he was an idiot and a weakling!
But he was always there to help, she just like Sasuke because he was popular and strong, now that Naruto has all these powers, like mode sennin and mode Rikudou , she already likes him?!?! Da fuc *?!?!

By: :iconwe-areall-mad:
What's there not to hate about Sakura?
Sakura supporters might say that she has come to respect Naruto, while that might be slightly true in shippuden, listen to what she had to say about it.
Durring her false love confession, Sakura told Naruto that befor she just thought he was a prank-pulling loser, but now he has grown into a great shinobi...
just a prank pulling loser...seriously.
I ask you to look at Hinata, who as we all know, saw Naruto for who he truly was, and loved him for it. He did not have to prove himself to her, he simply had to "never give up".
While Sakura had only ever seen him as a prank-pulling loser. She is overly attached to Sasuke in a way that no longer makes sense any more, and refuses to do anything that will acctualy HELP the situation.
While everyone else sees Sasuke for the traitor he is, Sakura is off in lala land where her only move is holding a freaking kunai untill somebody comes to her rescue.
Her disregard for the feeling of others has no bounds. To the extent of breaking off her friendship with Ino, and becoming rivals over a BOY. The Ino that had cared for her when she was alone, and helped her "bloom".
In short, she has no regard for anyone else's feelings, or goals. She is incredibly oblivious, and selfish. But above all, she will forever be...udderly and undeniably USELESS!

By: :iconyamatotakeru:
You forgot one thing, she was lucky enough not to end fighting Gaara or Neji in second preliminary round, other way she would end up dead, Gaara would have killed her if she fight him in first second, he beaten Rock Lee who was stronger than Sakura...Instead she ends up in cat fight with Ino....I think Kishi going to easy on her, and that she is stupid charcater created only because of Sasuke, and since Sasuke is created because editor said Kishi so, than Sakura was not even in Kishi's mind in first place...Also I think Kishi made beside some interesting characters, a lot of idiotis uninteresting characters like Kiba or Chouji...

By: :iconitasasu2002:
i hate that pink haired bitch! her fanbase needs to stop defending her! geez! their so damn blind! and sasusaku and itasaku fans need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! the UCHIHA BROTHERS HATE SAKURA! its NEVER gonna happen!
reasons for the pairings not happening!:
-sasuke HATES her.
-he tried to KILL HER 3 TIMES!
-that sasuke from road to ninja is just an ILLUSION.get over yourselves!
-he called her annoying 2 times and she still doesn't understand when to quit!
-shes useless to him. i can tell.

-they NEVER talked
-that itachi that "held" sakura is just an ILLUSION to. so itasaku fans SHUT IT!
-pretty sure they don't know eachother.
-for all we know. he probably knows she doesn't EVEN EXTIST.

why i would choose karin over sakura:
-shes an UZUMAKI DUH! (uchiha x uzumaki anyday!)
-she heals faster than sakura.
-she doesn't scream "SASUKE-KUN"!! but only "sasuke" which is good and less annoying.
-ATLEAST SHE gets mad at sasuke. (when her teammates are around.) sakura never gets mad at him!
-she has better tracking abilities.
-she KNEW sasuke changed and stopped chasing after him.(unlike sakubitch.)
-shes more useful than sakura.

why i would choose ino over sakura:
-shes an AWESOME friend you would want to have.
-she got over sasuke and moved onto sai. but she still cares for him.
-she doesn't scream sasuke-kun all the time like sakura does.
-shes a badass acrobatic fighter!
-shes a better healer.
-she has a better figure than sakura.(her karin and hinata.)
-shes more fashionable.

why i would choose hinata over sakura:
-she has SUCH A CUTE voice! (which i giggle at sometimes.)
-forgive me anti-sasuhina fans but: she would look cute with sasuke for some reason. (bad boy and shy good girl~)
-she doesn't hit naruto!
-she saved naruto!
-her confession was more dramatic and beautiful! and bought millions of nh fans to tears!
-shes NICE to everyone.
-shes a better cook than sakura.
-she stands and fights!and doesn't CRY.PERIOD!
-she would make a MUCH better wife than sakura.

why i hate sakura:
-shes useless
-can't make up her mind
-is bad with choices
-always needs saving
-cries too much
-she needs to give up on sasuke.
-shes mean to the people who are ALWAYS there for HER.
-has anger issues
-shes a bad cook
-shes weak
-she always stands there whenever she sees or hears sasukes name.
-she is selfish
-broke her friendship with ino for some guy who doesn't love her.
-is a bad friend
-who would want a wife who beats you half to death just for being yourself??
-she sucks
-she has almost NO boobs. (sakura fans stop giving her boobs in fanart and face the truth.)
-shes the worst girl for sasuke.(I mean why would sasuke or itachi want a gf who has a bad temper and is a bad cook and a useless fighter???)
-she looks bad in ANY PAIRINGS.

i think thats it~:)

By: :iconmiumiu-chan:
Ok, sorry.. maybe i'am not member, but i just hate Sakura!!


-She's just motherf*** bitch!!
-What beautiful she is?? Hinata is better!!!
-try to steal Naruto from Hinata?!
-You killed my Sasori-san!!
-CRYBABY!! Can you just stop crying?? i'l never cry like her!!
-Dafuq?? she's really annoying!!!
-why lee love her?? Tenten or any girls is better than Sakura!!!

that's it! i think it's enough...

By: :icondarkmetalgothicgirl:
:iconlachoirplz: Oh my holy God!! :XD:
I hate her because she's a LIAR, B*TCH, USELESS, SHORT TEMPERED, SO ANNOYING, LOUDMOUTHED, SELFISH, the fantards overvalue her, the fantards overpower her, the fantards are assuming she's Kushina and Tsunade, SUCKS AT COOKING, LACKS IN FIGHTING SKILLS, LACKS IN TRAINNING, CAN'T MAKE UP HER SHITTY DAMN MIND, is the less mature person ever seen, TOMBOY, FLAT AS PAPER, CAN'T ACCEPT THE TRUTH WHEN IT COMES OUT, BITCHING OVER NARUTO AND KILL HIM (IF SHE COULD) BECUASE HE'S IN HER WAY TO GET SASUKE, a freakin' MarySue, FANGIRLING OVER SASUKE, CRYBABY, the WORST FRIEND ever, because choose a boy over friendship (:wtf:!!), NEED to be saved each second, NEVER DEFEATED SASORI OR ANY AKATSUKI IN HER MISER

By: :iconprincessofisanity:
I really, REALLY, hate Sakura. I have several reasons why.

1. I really like Ino. And Sakura always acts like a total bitch to her without reason.
2. Sakura broke off her friendship with Ino over a guy. Sasuke wasn't even remotely interested in her at this time. And she did it so bluntly as well. She seemed to have no regard for Ino's feelings. Also, Ino was the girl who built her up, and gave her confidence, stuck up for her, and was a friend to her when no one else was. Yet Sakura just says "Oh. Well then. No were rivals. See ya." Jeez. Only a total bitch would be so mean to the one person who was actually friends with her. You have to give Ino credit for even being a friend to Sakura. 'Cause I sure as hell wouldn't have.
3. She always hits Naruto. It gets bloody annoying. Naruto does literally everything for her, and all she does is go on and on about Sasuke. She basically treats Naruto likes shit. And Naruto's a perfectly nice, sweet, cute, very handsome guy. Any normal girl would die to be with him.
4. She's paired with every guy in the fandom. Aka, GaaraSakura and SasoriSakura. Oh my Science, who the hell thinks up these pairings? They must be on a really special type of crack. And not the good kind. Gaara never even talks to Sakura. As far as I'm concerned, Naruto has a better chance with Gaara (which I hope is true because GaaNaru is my OTP).
5. All the guys seem to worship her. Let's face it. She's not even that pretty. Or appealing. All she does is through fits, swoon over Sasuke and punch Naruto.
6. She's just really a filler character. I would literally rather have any other Naruto female in her place. Good, cool characters, like Tenten are completely ignored.
7. People do soooo much for her and she doesn't even give them the light of day. Naruto and Lee both do insane things to save her/make themselves appeal to her, Like in the Forest of Death. Ino steps up to save Sakura, putting aside their differences. She risks her life. And, once Sakura cuts her hair, Ino fixes it for her. How does Sakura repay her? Nope, she doesn't be kind and thank her a million times over like she should, (or how any normal human being would act) nope, she just calls her 'Ino-pig' and states that Sasuke's hers. If any normal human being acted like that - they would be considered a heartless, idiotic, self-centered, ungrateful and cold human being. So, what...? Is she like, 'The Only Exception?'

And that's why I hate Sakura Haruno. :)

By: :iconwe-areall-mad: :new:
(whenever I get irritated at the fan base, a quick stop here always cheers me up :)

Sakura is really a one trick pony. Sure she has strength, but name five seperate times that she has acctually used it...see what I mean.
She just stands there with a kunai all like 'oh noes! I'm in battle, some randome male character come and save me'
Seriously, she DOESN'T change. She expected to be able to kill Sasuke with just a kunai. A kunai...but wait! A POISION kunai...idiot. If you look back, this is a reoccurring pattern.

Another reason that I get do pissed off at her character is her fan base. I don't want to cause offense to any one, but honestly people...
I've had Sakutards graffiti all over anti Sakura forums that the come here to (exact quote) "come here to poke fun at our twisted logic, and lame reasons" Ill let that one sink in...then then proceed to list all the ways that she is by far the ABSOLUTE BEST character in the series. Talk about twisted logic. Their reasons are based on a single thing that she'd did one time, and a couple half way inteligent quotes. The completely dismiss her multitude of faults, like they are in denile. You know what they say about her and Ino, they say that it was Ino who taught Sakura to be that way, and it's really Ino's fault...*upon reading this, I proceeded to bang my had repeatedly on the wall while crying out to no one in particular 'why, God why? Must there be such thing said in this world'*
They absolutly attack anything that might dampen the image of their favourite character. Saying that she is just SO mature and usefull now. She's so strong, she could beat up anyone...well ok the, please give me a list of 10 diffrent, clear examples :)

Also, she is incredible stale, trite even. If you really look at her "development"it really appears to be OVERLY forced. Yes she trained under Tsunade, but you can tell that the "power" that her character was given was put there to help her keep up with everyone else. (even though she still resorts to the 'hold a kunai till someone saves me' thing)
They even had to create an alternate universe, just so she could have a 'sad, my parents are dead backstory' it seems to me like they are trying to salvage this flat character by turning her into a Mary-sue. More fake than real. More forced than natural.

Ahh, nothing better than a nice vent. I'm glad at least some of the fandom shares my veiws on her character. Now if only the others would listen. I'm not saying that they ate bad people at all! I'm sure that they are very nice people. We just differ on veiws and such.

By: :iconliilsara: :new:
wow i see a lot of comments about sakura haters and yes i am a sakura hater to YAY ME.anyway i am a new here and if i ain't then i don't go on deviant as much as you do.

okay then lets see
i hate sakura cause she is so useless and selfish at the same time.when episode pain happened all she did was scream her head off saying NARUTO NARUTO

she even broke up her friendship with ino just cause she might think she have a chance with sasuke cause they are in the same team like that is so not natural i even went back and froward to see and hear what sakura did to poor ino

and i am an hinata fan so i will be saying this. while sakura was healing hinata (at least she is doing something thx god) and she realize that hinata loves naruto cause she try to safe naruto and few chapters of pain she suddenly punches naruto in the head and hugs him only because naruto saved the village even thew she loves sasuke

and the part that i really hate was when sai came up to sakura saying she is to dum to realize that naruto himself is suffering cause of your dirty work trying to save sasuke
like HELLO how many chapters does she have to realize of naruto's suffering cause of her promise like how many till Naruto up to shippuden and she lied to naruto about the
I LOVE YOU bit cause she had the guts to use naruto's love and feeling to stop sasuke.and then she goes all crazy trying to kill sasuke on her own but changes her mind about running away with him and destroy the village and then she changes her mind to kill sasuke again and then she get saved by naruto

what an useless ass bitch face
anyway's thx for listening i just calmed down with this crazy writing of mine.

By: :iconshan-sharingan: :new:
I hate Sakura because of how she treats Naruto. He has always been there for her and all she seems to do is take him for granted. All Sakura cares about is having Sasuke all to herself, she blew off Ino just to chase Sasuke and she is a complete and utter bitch to the other guys in the series, seeing them as tools for her to use to get Sasuke back. I just think she is really mean and devious.
Also, she confesses to Naruto despite knowing that Hinata was genuinelly in love with him. Fair enough, you can say it was to stop Naruto from going after Sasuke but still, what if Naruto had just given up and went along with Sakura's plan. Hinata would be devestated.
I don't give a crap about her skills and how she's 'developed' as a character, she is still a devious cow and I wish someone would just hurry up and kick the crap out of her. I'd do her some good.


Please tell me why YOU hate Sakura Haruno in this blog and I will add your posts in this entry.
This will be updated frequently to showcase our disdain for this character. I just love to hear what YOU all have to say! :la:
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ScarletSamurai Featured By Owner Edited Jan 29, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Sakura is truly a great role model and character. :nod:

1.She taught us to break up a friendship over a 'hot' guy who will never gives a shit about you.
2.No matter how many times your crush calls you annoying and tries to kill you several times it is called love. :heart:
3.Also be like a selfish, ungrateful bitch to the same person who once likes you and cares for you more than the your crush and to hurt him physically and emotionally. 
4.Act like damsel in distress so that others can be a your burden.
5.Act like a whiney bitch.
6.In the end married the same crush who tries to kill you and lives happily ever after.  

What a great character Sakura is. :D

Skritdlez Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
I'm not a member but I do have Sakura, What I hate most is she fines over Sasuke the whole anime and still in the end got him, it would have been a much better character ark if she came to like someone else, here is a few to name, Naruto cause she hated him at the begining and to come to love someone from hating them would have been so much better than just whinning the whole time, or Gaara it would have been interesting to see her fall in love with the one who almost killed her whole team at one point. Just saying Sakura is a pretty weak character other then her few great moments but none of them really happened till shippuden which was way to late to save her in my book.
DarkRoseQueen90 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sakura fans made me hate their precious  sakura even 100 times worst. Damn, I even can't stand them mary-sueing her and those stupid crack pairings with that pink bitch. I'm sure sakutards just only liking their favorite male characters because of their looks and using sakura as their 'self-insert'. :roll::iconfacepalmplz:
gomxRJ Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
OMG I love this! This sums everything up in a professional manner and it has good support and reasons. 
VictiniBoy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Artist
kimishimoto should have killed her in the fight with chiyo against sasori, would've made me happy 
Kira192015 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016
I Sakura had a lot of potential to bloom, but I mainly blame Kishimoto for the way Sakura turneout because of his lack of knowledge as far as women and their feelings and the chemistry between men andwomen are concerned. He even admitted to it that he's not an expert on the way that women think in that area. If anything I think the Wave Arc should have been a major Eye-opener for Sakura to actually step up her game as a ninja. Then she would have at least been somewhat more useful.
PurpleFairyDemon Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree!
AstonLevy Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015   Filmographer
Why? you ask me why? Well, where do I even begin to talk about how much Sakura disgusts me. I could say that she's as shallow as a coffee stain for breaking up her friendship over a stupid boy but I already did that. I could say that it's because she's useless, and weak but I did that too. Hell, I could say that she's disgustingly unlikeable but I did two whole essays on that. That well is dry.

What I will say is how much her relationship with Sasuke fails on every level. The biggest problem I have with it is that they gave her no reason to like Sasuke other than the superficial reason of "He's so Handsome." Which is shallow and stupid. In fact, in the last chapter, Sasuke himself said that she has no reason to like him. Also she never got to know Sasuke or try to understand how he feels, you know that scene where she tells Kabuto and Orochi that they don't understand how people feel? Well, guess what Bitch! You knew nothing about Sasuke, you never bothered to ask! You didn't even try to be his friend before he left, you just wanted to get in his pants without even trying to put in any kind of hard work. And the fact that they barely conversed at all during the entirety of part 1 shows just how amateurish the writing behind the romance between her and Sasuke really fucking is!

But what really makes me angry is that despite making Sakura a horrible and unlikeable person, they always try to make her look sympathetic, they always want me to feel sorry for her plight and to share her pain but because they make her such a cow, that is never ever going to happen! And it's insulting! It's insulting to think that Masashi Kishimoto wants me to take pity on someone that had the brass balls to manipulate Naruto's feelings for her and shit all over them and treat them like nothing. I will never feel sorry for her no matter how far she falls. Punching somebody for trying to be courteous to Ino's feelings is unforgivable and horrible and she knows it. She's a big baby and a bully with nothing redeemable or even interesting about her.

I also found the reaction of her fans to the final chapter to be abhorrent, the NaruSaku sucktards wanted the last chapter banned because they didn't get the ending they wanted. To all those who signed the 140,000 signatures on your useless petition. I say my sincerest FUCK YOU IN THE ASS! The very fact that you want the chapter banned is a disservice to the vision of Kishimoto himself, by signing that petition, you've pretty much flipped a big middle finger to Kishimoto for all 15 years of his hard work.

And the fans who make fanart of her and censor any criticisms of her are the worst, I've seen Sakura lovers who disable criticisms just because they can't stand to see their "Waifu" getting rightfully disparaged. Sakura deserves any last scrap of hate that she gets and everyone who loves her is among the mindless twats that continues to go and see the shit-awful Michael Bay movies!

Also she gets knocked out by a fucking rail. Fuck Sakura!
VictiniBoy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Artist
the most idiotic female character in the anime still loves a revenge obsessed idiot, even though he tries to kill her
inukikandrobstar4lif Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Well said.
AstonLevy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015   Filmographer
Can I join the fan club? I got a lot more that I can say about her!
inukikandrobstar4lif Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Erm,sorry for replying late. I didn't create this club.
AstonLevy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015   Filmographer
Can I still join? How can I join?
inukikandrobstar4lif Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Ask the person who made it I guess.
shysammmie Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
Okay where to start on this character ? I mean that because Sakura is one of my most hated characters list . Usually I'm not the type to hate any anime characters in general . I usually like some characters that are hated by fandoms .( example Sally acorn from sonic , naru from ghost and jimmy from Ed Ed n eddy plus many more ) I tried to give many chances to her like I did to other characters I didn't like at first but loved later( England and Prussia from hetalia ). But boy did she blow it . Majorly .

The first reason why I hate Sakura is her so called "love confession" for naruto . She mentally used someone ,who loved her , for her own selfish needs . That their is so low and selfish . Not liking someone right away is one thing , but using their feelings is another thing . I've meet people that haved that have done that to me , and that nearly destroyed me . Even worse , she though she admited lying about it , she thinks she can go back to naruto' arms like nothing ever happened . That's not love at all , that's like lust and greed mixed together .

The second reason I hate her is because of her abuse towards naruto , and her blind obsession with susuke . I can live if some character who has a obsession with some another character ( ex ample any rose and belerus ) as long as their not annoying about it . But her obsession with sasuke not only went to far as to break up a amazing friendship with ino , but stilled continued after sasuke commited many atrocities . To not only her and any of her friends .

Plus her abuse twords naruto is just plain disgusting . I can live with tunsundere characters but what I don't condon is hurting someone . During the abuse, Sakura didn't cared for naruto at all . Their are characters who accedently hit the main character because they care for them . For example sally slapped sonic in the Archie comics because he was being reckless . Though what she did was wrong , at least it was only once because she cared for him . She was also under a lot of stress at the time . Where as for Sakura she punched naruto all the time and she wasn't under stressed at the time .

Finally it's the obvious one , her constant crying periods . Every arc she's crying at least once . This is coming from a sensitive person . Sure I kinda cry easy but I don't cry every single day , especially if theirs a war going on . Then all the characters are like " oh poor Sakura " pity .

My final thoughts on this character is that Sakura is nothing but a two faced , selfish , abusive ,slutty , bitch . She dosen't desvers naruto' love at .

If any of Sakur fans read this than I want to say that if you like Sakura/ narusakura/ suskaru , then I respect you and your opinion . I'm not going to judge a group of fans that like something I hate . Just do what you want to do and respect others.
DarkRoseQueen90 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sakurtards are always worst than the character itself. Turning sakura into a big mary sue just to look better than the other awesome female characters.
VictiniBoy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Artist
i know, right?
DarkRoseQueen90 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hetalia198gaby Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
I greatly dislike Sakura because she's ungrateful. Like she was willing to trow away her family for Sasuke.
Jarlla Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
I would judge the worth of Naruto-characters by two points: 1.) Physical (Fighting/Healing/Ninja-knowledge/...)   And   2.) Character traits (what they do for the show outside of punching bad guys)

My thoughts on Sakura are:

1) Physical

In part 1 Sakura is (obviously) next to useless but if you think about it, it makes sense: Unlike most of the cast she didn't have anyone to teach her beyound the basics (since Kakashi's style is not really her's and her parents arend great ninjas with special clan-jutsus). A little more scenes in with she showed off thouse basics she was apparently so good at in the academy would have been nice, though.

In part 2 we finally see that she is good at stuff ( only things that Tsunade taught her but like I said, who else was there ?). Personally I think it would be cool if she had asked Naruto to teach her how to use Rasengan, because I think that's something she could pull off.

2) Character traits

Here is were it gets bad but even here you can make the beginning!
Like others pointed out already, she was a spoiled, superficial brat. That isn't necessarily bad...if she would have changed at some point and that point would have been the Chunin-Exam.

At this I have to bring Hinata into the picture (no, not because of shipping).
Both Hinata and Sakura had a "Now-I-show-them-what-I-can-do!"-Moment: For Hinata this was this was her great moment that she worked for the whole series: She gets between Pain and Naruto, confesses her love, and faces off against Pain, ready to die.
For Sakura her moment was her fight against I have to say more? She also makes a big speach but unlike for Hinata NOTHING HAPPENS!!!.
I know this is kinda unfair, because Hinata had 3 years of hard training behind her at this point and I think Shippuden-Sakura could have performed similar to Hinata against Pain (though I definetily don't think Sakura should have taken Hinatas place!) but this kinda shows the author's failure to give Sakura a similar live-changing momend.

But even without this defining moment the Chuni-Exam should have changed her attidude both to being a Ninja and towards her teammates...BUT, NO: She isn't training harder (if at all), Naruto is still an idiot and Sasuke is mister perfect...
It would have been awesome if Sakura had evolved into a down-to-earth-character to counter balance and guide the two extremes that are her teammates! I also could see a intesting dinamic in the team, because of their different reasons to get stronger:
Sasuke: to get revenge.
Naruto: to get respect
and Sakura: to find her place in the world (because she doesn't have any special goals)

And then there's part 2:
For the first arcs the only thing that can be said against Sakura is that she becomes a violent tsun (without dere) ... not great (and not my taste) but no complete dealbreaker.
But when Sasuke attacks Killer B things should have changed.
When B's friends from Kumogakure came to Konoha and Naruto tried to convince them to leave Sasuke alone, Sakura should have been the voice of reason and tell Naruto that Sasuke had gone too far this time.
I mean look at it from their perspective: They know that Sasuke killed both Itachi and Orochimaru (but don't know the truth about Itachi). His vendetta should be over but instead of comming back he joined forces with AKATSUKI !
But she lets Naruto go to the meeting of the kages (to ask them to leave Sasuke alone), changes her minds to seconds later, runs after him (dragging half the cast with her) and instead of talking know.
And then comess the fight against Sasuke:
1. poisoning friends - great!
2. A kunai ?! It's like the last 3 years didn't happen !! At least punch him in the face! Or do a Rasengan (like I said, she should have learned it)

That sums it up for me I guess: Good potential, if you think about it, but if you see what they made her into... what a waste!
twistedlittledoll1 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
I agree, but tbh, none of the females are likeable. I'd go into why, but that would take to long...
I could never bring myself tolike sakura, just always hated her. Iwas hoping kishi would come to his senses and have madara kill her but nooo :(
SixFlagsJayce Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Student Writer
Well... In all honesty, I'm not too keen on Sakura or Hinata right now. I mean, I dislike Hinata (not as much anymore) but Hinata's definitely not useless.

That trait, honestly, belongs to Sakura. She's been nothing but a bitch to Naruto, and she only cares about herself (and Sasuke but he's a dick anyway). 

Sure, she's smart, but that doesn't really get her anywhere.

And, she tried to steal Naruto from Hinata. Not cool, man. Not cool. 

Oh, and she's actually in love with a psychopathic idiot who has tried to kill her multiple times, and has zero feelings for her. And she even ends her friendship with the one person that actually was concerned for her all because they were fighting over Sasuke. -.- (See what I mean? This is abuse. Whoever ships SasuSaku is fucking crazy as hell.)

That's all I guess.
Mahonyan Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Not to be rude, I respect your opinion, but she didn't try to steal Naruto from Hinata. She said she loved him (and she did in a sibling way I guess) so she could help Naruto and release the burdens she had caused him. Yeah, she carried her plan totally wrong :P but she wasn't trying to steal him, or hurt hinata feelings.
SixFlagsJayce Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Writer
Well, Sakura didn't exactly TRY to steal Naruto from Hinata. She actually knew that Hinata liked him. 
twistedlittledoll1 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
I totally agree, I used to be neutral towards Hinata, but I can't stand her. Her fandom is incredibly annoying, and if anything she's just as selfish (and annoying) as Sakura...not to mention uninteresting and dull. Now, Hinata is ugh...

There's only one Sakura ship I have : LeeSaku, but I would feel so sorry for Lee if he got with that pink crap. He deserves better than her

I'm neutral towards Sasuke, but hell, call it karma, but him being paired with sakura, let alone spawning out an ugly brat is puinshment enough.
SixFlagsJayce Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Student Writer
The only person I ship Sakura with is Gaara..
twistedlittledoll1 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
And yet not he deserves such a punishment...
SixFlagsJayce Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Student Writer
True. Gaara deserves better than Matsuri, and I at least ship him with Sakura yet they fought only one time... ;_;
twistedlittledoll1 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
I have a tendency to dislike pairings...crack pairings especially, but if anything, I'd say Gaara deserves better then a needless side character (Matsuri or whatever) and an annoying, whiny... (the list can go on and on)
One thing that always irked me about Naruto is the poor female characters...none of them are really likeable to me...
SixFlagsJayce Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Student Writer
Yeah.. Temari is still likable to me ._.
twistedlittledoll1 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
Forgot about her...never minded TenTen, probably tolerate her more cause she's the one with the less screentime so she cant make me despise her...
(1 Reply)
twistedlittledoll1 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Why do I hate Sakura? Or shall I say, SUCKURA?
I could write a list

-She's annoying-for obvious reaons
-She's a bitch-again, obvious reasons
-She no depth, no interesting background. Just another bland, unimportant character
-She's incredibly shallow, saying how if sasuke were to leave it would be the same thing as being alone? Really? She's so...short-sighted and pathetic it really makes me wonder why people like her.
-She abuses Naruto for no reason. Seriously, what did Naruto or Lee even see in her in the first place? She's not attractive, or really nice at all.All she cares about is Sasuke.
-Her 'development'in shippuden was a lie. Kishimoto shoved her down our throats for so long, it's no wonder why we all hate her and want her dead. Her 'power' is nothing new on Naruto. What character isn't strong or can't punch hard? Being a 'second Tsunade' shows how much she leeches off other people. Her screen time consists of her 'Sasuke doesn't love me angst'(As if Uchiha Angst itself weren't bad enough.) like we're really supposed to feel sorry for her? One, we don't even know why she 'loves' Sasuke. Probably for an incredibly shallow reason. The only person who Sasuke seems to truly love/care about was Naruto (and Itachi) maybe Kakashi...She has no relevance in Team 7, she can't understand either Sasuke or Naruto, yet Sakutards (I call them SuckuLEECHES) preach about how much she deserves Sasuke, Naruto, etc. In reality, what has she done? Ok, she 'heals' Naruto, big deal. Tsunade can easily heal him. Hell, she abuses him more than she heals him! She acts like she's so worthy of Sasuke. UHG. I'll admit, I used to like sasusaku to an extent. Until I opened my eyes. Sasusakutards only see things from SAKURA point of view. They go and pull anything from their asses to make it ''canon'', but it's ALL Suckura. When have we ever seen Sasuke return her feelings? Ok, he saved her during Team 7 days, because that's his teammate. Nothing else.
Which leads me into my next point...


Like you said, 'BreakingSasuke', people love whoring her up with everyone under the sun. In WHAT WORLD would ANY Akatsuki members like her? Honestly, what do fantards see in AkaSaku?:| (Blank Stare) Rage  or (AkaHina for that matter) Sakura is far to weak, to ...annoying to be in Akatsuki. If anything, Hidan would sacrifice her. The thing that pisses me off , is how they go around and defame Itachi, Sasuke, Gaara, Kakashi, Madara (seriosuly wtf?) and pair her up with her. NONE of them would ever like her...I could name an entire list on why they wouldn't like her at all, but that would take to long. We still wonder what Naruto sees in her. If people don't like her with Sasuke (I'm one of them) why would they like her with Itachi, Madara, Obito. Hell, I even came across Shisui/SakuCURSE YOU! No, I disagree! Rage  (WTF) I thought Itachi/Sakura was crack shit, that's even worse. Sakura doesn't deserve someone complex like them. Hell, she barely deserves Naruto. (Well she really doesn't) You can't be a true Itachi/Akatsuki member fan if you like pairing them with Sakura. IMO, No female in Naruto is suitable for any of them. Most relationships in Naruto are one-sided and based of mistaken friendships...I'm not saying this because I like another pairing. I hate all Naruto pairings, tho I don't mind Asu/Kur, Min/Kush, Kon/Yahi, but everything else is ugh... I don't hate Sakura because I like Hinata, I don't even like Hinata. Nor do I hate her because I like yaoi. I hate yaoi. I hate her for A-Z reasons... Anyways, a lot of pairings in Naruto piss me off, but AkaSaku, any Uchiha/Saku definitely makes me wanna throw bricks at people's faces. The fact that they have to alter the timeline/storyline and change Suckura is just sad. I think people should just stick to OC's (there are some good ones out there) cause either suckura is more of a Marysue/Self-insert and (Insert male here) is extremely OOC...that's why I avoid...fanwork these days...ugh :o (Eek) No, I disagree! 

Sakutards piss me off enough, but their obligation to her was pathetic. They go and say how that powerup she had makes her equal to the sasu-naru...HELL NO. If anything, that was another one of Kishimoto's infamous asspulls. Alot of things about the last arc of Naruto piss me off, but that on the top of the list. If I'm correct, when Neji (R.I.P) was dying, Naruto asked her to heal him, she said she had no chakra. The moment SASUKE shows up, she suddenly gets all this power and really? You could've saved Neji, bitch! Goes to show you how shallow and selfish she is...

And just as it couldn't get anyworse, she goes and spawns a kid with Sasuke. (Karin, anybody?) Out of all the things Kishi has done that has pissed off/let fans down, this is at the top of the list. The ending was to rushed, the pairings ridiculous and unrealistic. No one cares about who ends up with who. I don't care for NaruHina, I don't mind ShikaTema...but everything else...seriously, Choji and the cloud girl? What importance did she ever have? I'd rather have InoCho...generally I'm aggravated with all the female Naruto characters, but that's besides the point.

Then the fact that you have Sakura willing to abandon her kid just to be with someone who doesn't like her (I'm seriously under the impression that Sasuke was drugged). I honesty would've rather had Sakura end up with Lee. She's a horrible character, period. She doesn't deserve Naruto, or Sasuke for that matter. DEFINITELY not Gaara or Itachi or Kakashi...Kishi should've killed her instead of Neji...most fans would rejoice if that would've happened.

Overall, I hate Sakura. Nothing will ever make me like her. I'm not reading, nor do I care about the next generation,but I hope Kishi just...makes Sakura dissapear. Seriously, take her out the series, no change whatsoever. Kishi should've created another female. Why didn't she die...:( (Sad) Waaaah! 

*Breathes* Well, that felt good to let out. :) (Smile) I might add more later :)

(Whispers) Can I join?:D

P.S. Thank you for hating AkaSakuHug Huggle! And Sakura and genreal, if there's anything I hate more than that pink bimbo and her followers, it's the pairings...
DarkRoseQueen90 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You brought tears in my eyes! :iconrlytearplz:

I absolutely agree about everything you said!
VictiniBoy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Artist
dude, even kimishimoto hated her!
VictiniBoy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Artist
agreed with them all, bro :D
Jade59 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist
Thank you! *applause*

Musical-Hetalian Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Why do I (and lots of other people) hate Sakura? Let’s see...

First of all; she’s utterly useless! Granted, her personality isn’t bland, but it’s still incredibly annoying and hard to watch. Naruto is constantly showering her with complements. What does she do? ‘‘NARUTO, YOU IDIOT!’’ ‘‘NARUTO, STOP BEING SO ANNOYING!* Then she punches him, kicks him, hits him etc.
The real tragedy here is that she does it for absolutely no reason. Comic relief? No, it’s not funny, because I feel sorry for Naruto when I watch him constantly being hurt by Sakura, in more ways than one.

Let’s talk about her hurting Naruto emotionally, since we’ve already covered the physical part enough. Alright, so here’s the situation; Hinata basically saves Naruto from Pain. Hinata has loved Naruto ever since they were young children and all the other villagers despised him, thinking he was a monster. She loved him from the very beginning, and gave an emotional speech, finally confessing her love to Naruto.

While healing her, Sakura realizes this; Hinata loves Naruto. Okay, so what does she do after that? She takes advantage of Naruto’s feelings and tells him that she loves him (obviously, lying) just so she can go to her Sasuke-kun. Jesus Christ, Suckura! That’s a bit low, even for you! And he even knew that you were lying, he isn’t a complete knucklehead, like you assumed!

While we’re on the topic of romance and love, let’s talk about the pairings. Holy shit. What the hell is wrong with people? Sasori and Sakura? Itachi and Sakura? Freaking SasuSaku? And don’t forget about them giving her big boobs in the fan arts, too! EVEN HINATA would look cuter with Sasuke of all people!

What is wrong with people?! Sasuke literally despises Sakura. He didn’t give a shit about her when she broke off a beautiful friendship with her only friend, Ino Yamanaka, only because they liked the same boy. That boy didn’t care about Sakura! Ino didn’t care that they both liked him! But nooo! Sakura had to be all like, ‘‘OMG you like my precious Sasuke-kun too?! I don’t care that you’re my only true friend, I’m gonna ask him if he wants to bear my children, you Ino-pig!’’

Maybe that’s not how it went down. But that is definitely not the point.

She could’ve been replaced with literally ANY OTHER FEMALE. Because what relevant things has she ever done? Kill Sasori? Nope, that was Chiyo. OH, I KNOW! She stood around and did absolutely nothing, waving around a kunai and screaming, ‘‘NARUTO, NARUTO, OR SOME OTHER HOT MALE CHARACTER, SAVE ME!’’

The pink-haired bitch’s emotion-destroying spree doesn’t end here! Rock Lee and Naruto Uzumaki both love her for no freaking reason! Why?! I’ve got no freaking idea! They deserve MUCH better! (It’s a good thing Naruto marries Hinata. Would’ve hunted down Kishimoto if it were the ugly pinkette, ugh.) TenTen, Ino, Hinata, Karin, Temari! Such great female characters that stand up for themselves and do their own work responsibly! But, out of all the awesome characters that could’ve become the main female...


Nope. That’s it. I’m done, goodbye. Can’t do this anymore. Man, if I was a ninja, I’d totally hone my skills and beat the crap out of her. That would help me let off some steam.
VictiniBoy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Artist
use the jutsu itachi used on sasuke during his fight in part 1 of naruto (don't remember whats the jutsu called
ILoveRomione Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The thing that gets me is that people hold so much hate and irritation for a character that doesn't even exist. I'll dislike a character but I won't post hate posts about them cause the person who wrote about them (i.e. Kishimoto) actually could not care less. It's not as if what you're saying is going to change the character so...

BTW I don't hate Sakura. I actually kind of like her. Doesn't mean that I hate Hinata because both of them are cool characters. It isn't Sakura's fault she's the way she is, it's Kishi's and his lack of ability to provide comic relief in any form other than Sakura hitting Naruto. Cutie Shrug 
BlazingSun01 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't like her because of her character.

Sure, a character can cry, but not every 5 chapters.

Kaneki Ken, example of that.

Tsunadere is fine, if done right.

Touka, an example.

If I did Sakura's character, by the wave arc, she would've been a better ninja.
Kyough Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I hate her because she likes Sasuke but then goes on in Shippuden that she likes Naruto to stop him from doing reckless stuff to retrieve Sasuke. What a whore. Unlike Hinata who stuck with Naruto through and through. I'm actually glad that Naruto saw through that and turned her down during that "confession". Then she goes and ends up with Sasuke who gives so much trouble to the whole village. Men think with their d!cks? She thinks with her vag man. She and Sasuke can go die in a ditch far far away from each other. They don't deserve each other. Sadly they ended up having a kid together anyway. Smh.
Laderi Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I could wright an essay on why I hate her. An essay with many facts from the show and not just fanfictions and fanart that sakura-likers use to justify her. Seriously guys, just  Danisnotonfire 7.  Hmm, maybe I will. I'll post it somewhere, someday. Not now because it's late and I'm tired and I'm only online to procrastinate from studying.... Hell, I could make an hour long video of all the times she f***s up, with maybe 30 seconds at the end of her being useful to compare evidence. In all honesty, if she was alive, and I just saw her randomly on the street, I would murder her. Right there in front of everyone, just so she wouldn't exist anymore. Life-sentence in prison, I'm fine with it, just as long as she goes. Bonnie Death Stare 
Seisouhen Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Professional Artist
She is a very weak person.  I think the only honorable thing she did was hook Naruto up with Hinata.  She is only interested in the pretty boy not the the good boy.  Naruto and even Hinata proved themselves Sakura barely proved anything.
UzumakiPrincess23 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im not a member.
1) Whenever someone compares her to Kushina or Tsunade i have the biggest WTF look on my face. Like seriously you guys, GET REAL. KUSHINA AND TSUNADE HAVE MORE SKILLS IN THEIR PINKY THAN SAKURA HAS IN HER BODY. That's offensive to kunoichi that actually do stuff.
3) Hinata is better. All im gonna say
I;m not a member, but I'd like to comment in this.

Sakura Haruno.  I can't say that she's my favorite character on the show, but I don't exactly hate her either.  However, I can't say that I like her for the following reasons:

1) In the beginning, she was very useless.  Yes, she did have perfect chakra control and extremely high intelligence going for her.  She wasn't stupid.  But when it came to actual fighting, she really didn't do much.  I will give her credit though, for at least trying to protect Naruto and Sasuke from the Sound Trio.  However, in my own opinion, if Ino and her team hadn't shown up, Sakura would have been killed. 

2) she berates Naruto all the time, calling him an idiot.  Hell, she called Rock Lee a weakling.  Does she not realize that both of these characters, besides Sasuke and Kakashi, are the ones who end up saving her?  If they're so weak, why did she almost always need to be rescued by them?

3) The biggest one for me, probably: she dumped Ino's friendship.  Ino was the one who helped Sakura come into her own, and what does Sakura do?  Throw Ino's friendship away for some guy.  That is a pretty selfish and shallow thing to do.

4) One word: Sasuke.  No, not even.  The way she just stood on the sidelines screaming Sasuke's name.  Or, how abut whenever someone (usually it was Naruto) said something even remotely anti-Sasuke.  She'd pummel them into the middle of next week.

In other words, it's her blind devotion to Sasuke that got very annoying. 

5) Telling Sasuke she'd be willing to betray her village for her.  What kind of an idiot did she take him for?  She HAD to have known that he would never fall for that.  Hell, he was getting ready to kill her before she even knew what was happening. 

Also, it was the way she tried to kill Sasuke: with a kunai dipped in poison.  Bitch, that boy did NOT train with Orochimaru just to get offed by a damn knife.  Going to have to do much better than that. 

To be fair though, she did improve in Shippuden.  Many of remember her fight with Sasori.  I hear a lot of Sakura haters say that Sakura only won that fight because of Chiyo.  However, Chiyo herself said that she didn't even think Sakura needed any help from her (Chiyo).  Hell, even Sasori said that she was pretty impressive.  And I'm sorry, but impressing a block of wood (sorry Sasori fans, I like the guy too) seems to be a pretty hard feat to me. 

She's not the most horrible anime character I've ever seen, and there are times when I do like her character.  However, she can be pretty cringe-worthy.
2529 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
Definitely cringey, very much so. 
But when did she call Lee weak? I ask out of curiosity because I always thought she admired his strength (minus his desperation on their very first encounter)
Akumaten Featured By Owner Edited Dec 30, 2014
I'm not a member myself, but it has to be said.
It gets worse at the end
After all that has happened, with her and Sasuke
Dissolving a relationship with Ino for a boy
With her willing to become a traitor to her village for no reason
Was going to be killed by Sasuke  with the same poisoned kuna

she still pops a kid with Sasuke

What a toxic person and what a toxic relationshp
Mahonyan Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I think the only reason she got paired up with Sasuke is because
NaruHina is obvious
Shikatema is obvious
How the heck did Choji find that girl is beyond me...
SaiIno is obvious
And Sasusaku is most reasonable for Sakura's shipping. I mean, what other guy was there to start the new generation LOL And I dunno who Lee married, but i know he had a child. 
LUNA123132132132111 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
I never really get why Sakura was a main character in Naruto. I mean seriously, she is the most annoying character EVER!!!! not only in Naruto, she's one of the most annoying characters in the anime story!!!!! I can't understand why they focused so much on her, since we had such nich female characters that had so many potentional like Hinata, Ino, TenTen and etc.

I still remember when I first watched Naruto as a child, I really liked the anime but Sakura annoyed me a lot. But now that I am older, she annoys me way more. I really can't stand the dramatic scenes with her. It's so overdramatic, stupid,  and pointless that I just want to throw my computer through the window.

The way that she treats everyone (specially Naruto) just annoys me. Naruto has always been nice with her (not only because he liked her, but you that's how Naruto is) and every chance that she can she just hit him. She hits him for no reason must of the time. I also hate how she thinks that she is so much better than naruto and some others when in fact she is just one of the worst ninjas EVER!!! She thinks that she is too awesome and she never see how wrong/bad she was.

What she did with Ino was also so stupid. I can't believe that Ino still wanted to be friends with her. How could she end her friendship with Ino just because they both like Sasuke? After all Ino did to her she just gets angry because Ino (AND EVERYBODY ELSE) likes Sasuke and started the rival thing with ino. SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE MOST STUPID THING EVER!!! The SAkura x Ino fight was so boring and stupid. I really can't see how Sakura drawn with her. SAKURA HAS NO JUTSU! All she could do was throwing kunais here and there and a little bit of tai jutsu (but not really impressive like Rock Lee) and she even fall for Ino's jutsu. But of course, Naruto started to scream and she wake up and Ino's jutsu failed. I mean seriously give me a break! This was so stupid and only happened because she was in Team 7. If she was a minor character like idk Tenten, she would be defeated by Ino.

I hate the way that Kishimoto treated Sakura. She (beside Tsunade) was the only character that he focused (and not a in a good way). He created a lot of other good female characters but he give EVERYTHING to the annoying Sakura. She didn't even deserved to train with Tsunade, but of course, just because she was from Team 7, she got this. Remember that Tenten wanted to be the next Tsunade? But who was traineed by Tsunade? Sakura, of course. This is bullshit.

Also Sakura was so weak. All she did was crying and whinning and being mean towards others. Remember when she was mean with Naruto calling him a coward because he was shocked and he didn't know what to do. If he should run or battle. She was like "WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING ANYTHING?????YOU ARE SUCH A COWARD AND BLAH BLAH". Like EXCUSE ME BUT YOU ARE DOING NOTHING!!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST TRY TO HELP INSTEAD OF SCREAMING AND SAYING THAT YOUR TEAMMATE ISN'T DOING ANYTHING SINCE YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TOO???". She also kinda did the same with Sasuke when Orochimaru first appeared and Sasuke was afraid of him because he was too strong. She was like screaming and calling him a coward when in fact she was doing NOTHING!!!!

It's just stupid the way that she thinks that she can defeat anyone just holding a kunai. Seriously, you can't even defeat Konohamaru with a Kunai.

I also hate how the other characters overrated her like she was such an intelligent person and good ninja in the first part. I mean seirously the girl was awful, had no taijutsu/genjutsu/ninjutsu hability and still nobody said that she was a bad ninja. They also said that she was so intelligent and blah blah blah. But with Naruto everybody was just always underating him and calling him names and saying that he would never get there. Seriously, even Konohamaru helped others more than Sakura.

Everybody was always claiming how intelligent she was but sometimes she didn't know what was going on or she realized way latter. But still she was soooo inteligent in the naruto world -.-

Hate her selfish too, she only cared about her.

And Her sasuke obsession was the most annoying thing. I still can't believe that they end up together. This was just fan service because seriously the guy never cared about her, not even when he was a good guy in the begginning of Naruto. He always thought that she was annoying and guess what?? SHE REALLY IS!!! and after all this time, she never changed. She only gets worse.

I can't believe that Kishimoto killed so many good characters but let SAkura live. WHY???????????????????????????????????V
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